25th Electrical Power Distribution Conference
Announcement of conference postponement

Due to Covid-19 virus fourth wave outbreak and the announcement of Red corona situation in Alborz province and also a large number of Alborz Electricity Distribution Company employees infection with the Covid-19 virus, including some members of the Secretariat and the Executive Committees of the Conference, In order to obey the rules and regulations of National Corona Headquarters and to protect our colleagues, regarding all the limitations and the situation such as the network peak load According to the decision of the conference board of directors It is decided to postpone the 25th Electrical Power Distribution Networks International Conference to August 25th and 26th 2021.

Important Notice

The Scientific Committee of the 25th Electrical Power Distribution Networks International Conference , extended the deadline for submitting papers until 15th March 2021.

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Important Dates
آخرین مهلت ارسال مقالات
30 اسفند 1399
اعلام وضعیت نهایی مقالات
5 اردیبهشت 1400
آخرین مهلت ارسال نسخه نهایی مقالات
5 اردیبهشت 1400
آخرین مهلت ثبت نام در کنفرانس و کارگاهها
20 اردیبهشت 1400
Deadline for submission
March 20th 2021
Notification of acceptance
April 25th 2021
Final version due
April 25th 2021